Whity Powder

Size : 200 g
Product Type : Powder

AED 370.00
Product Details

Illuminate you skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots, discoloration and hyper-pigmentation with Whity's luxurious powder. Enriched with botanical ingredients, Whity counters the effects of everyday environmental stress on the skin and has spectacular whitening effects.

Why to use Whity Powder for Skin Hyper-pigmentation:

  • Whity Powder contains the most recognized and studied ingredients for whitening and lightening effects and the only clinically proven product.
  • Innovative skin Lightening and reducing hyper-pigmentation formula.
  • Enhance skin tone and vitality.
  • Works as a vasodilator and increases blood micro-circulation in skin.
  • Protect and prevent photo ageing.
  • Safe natural formula.
  • Clinically Proved to :
  • Increase oxygen supply in skin by+14.4%.
  • Reduces Carbon Dioxide in Blood by - 9.4%.
  • Pigmentation intensity decreased by 23% after one month of product use.

How To Use:

Dissolve a scoop of powder into water once daily with a meal. Better used with Whity Cream. Make sure to use sun screen during treatment course .


Pycnogenol (French maritime pine bark extract) Vitamin C & E Pomegranate fruit extract Ellagic acid