Size : 40 ml
Product Type : Cream

AED 75.00
Product Details

Revel in the pleasure and performance of this ultra gentle deodorant with long lasting, seven-performance against perspiration. Lavish your underarms with this light velvety cream, rich in high-quality ingredients and high-tech formulation.

Why to use Deo :

  • Anti perspirant (reduce the perspiration).
  • Deodorant (antibacterial)
  • 48 hours performance against perspiration.
  • Creates a skin environment which is hostile to the growth of malodor-producing bacteria.
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate 18%.S afe anti perspirant (not Aluminum Chloride)
  • Includes Paraffin to hydrate and sooth the skin.
  • Alcohol and paraben free
  • Ultra gentle even after procedures
  • Does not stain cloths
  • Doesn’t  irritate or darken the skin

How To Use:

Apply the product to clean and dry underarms, in evening or morning.