Size : 10 ml
Product Type : Cream

AED 280.00
Product Details

Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to instant radiant beauty in just two minutes with this formula-rich filler cream that gives skin an instant lift. Transform your appearance with the high performing Mesolift, which hydrates, lifts and firms, as well as reduces the facade of wrinkles and fine lines to reveal your younger self.

Why to use Mesolift:

  • Instant Lift wrinkle and lines filling.
  • Flawless Skin.

How To Use:

Appy thin layer into wrinkles when needed and tap it into the skin without rubbing. Effect starts in 2 minutes. Avoid water and oil to maintain the results for hours.


Hyaluronic acid :Moisturizer and increase skin firmmes. Dioxygenated Lipopeptide : Derma Filling and muscular relaxing effect. Silicate Mixture : Retract the skin and promote lightening effect.