Joint Care


Jointa, a unique solution for ostheoarthritis and other joints-related issue

A double mechanism of action in one revolutionary powder

GlowRadiance is at the forefront of skincare and healthcare innovations. GlowRadiance proposes different topical and oral solutions for a wide range of concerns.

For Healthcare, GlowRadiance is focusing on specific concerns such as low metabolism through MYO, UTI through Cran and weight gain need through gainer. Finally, the most unique product within the healthcare range is Jointa

Jointa is a powder with a very revolutionary formulation that helps user reduce any type of joint pain and in the same time, stimulates cartilage tissue regeneration. The first mechanism of action which attacks joint pain is the result of the Pycnogenol. This latter is an extract of the pine bark and helps reducing and calming pain. The second mechanism of action which support the cartilage comes from the Fortigel. This very special ingredients is a type of protein which is absorbed deeply in the cartilage tissue to strengthen and heal the joints.